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19 Big Band Performances Over 3 Days

The WestCoast Big Band Festival is the premier performance, networking, and educational event for community big bands in the Vancouver area. Now in its fifth year, the festival will showcase the Lower Mainland’s best community and professional big bands. Musicians at all levels will also benefit from free jazz improvisation workshops by leading jazz educators. Performances and workshops are all FREE except for the evening concerts. Proceeds from the festival are donated to the Fraser McPherson Jazz Fund for up-and-coming jazz musicians.


  • To provide an organized event where the Greater Vancouver big band jazz community can meet to share their interests in big band music and enjoy performances for each other

  • To advance the public's appreciation of big band jazz music in Greater Vancouver and demonstrate its local availability through public performance

  • To strengthen the big band jazz community in Greater Vancouver by developing opportunities for networks, partnerships, learning and development, and other collaborations that further the art form and expand the community

  • To help promote younger people's interests to continue music through adult life, by showing various big band jazz groups available in their communities

  • To bring big band jazz to widespread audiences through accessible, free performances

  • To promote the need for live music by showcasing high-quality public performances by the Greater Vancouver big band jazz community and its guests

WATCH: November 2018 Interview With Festival Organizer Dan Mellor
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